About Us

Indulge In Natural Luxury

Εlies Residences – in the suburb of Neapoli, Mytilini – is the fruit of our nostalgic love, reminiscent of summers spent in our grandpa’s olive grove. A land of innocence, awaiting its rebirth through the eyes of those who can appreciate its value by making it a part of their dream vacation.

Five detached stone houses surrounded by gardens brimming with herbs and aromas, resting in the arms of the olive grove. Their architectural lines are in perfect harmony with their natural setting. The houses are built with environmentally-friendly materials that blend stone with wood, exuding a discreet luxury aimed at combining tradition with modern comfort.

Located a stone’s throw from the capital of the island and the sea, Εlies Residences offers its guests the peaceful retreat they need to create beautiful memories of dream vacations, assisted by the people who are always there to welcome them and tend to their wishes.